Arab Film Festival Australia 2011

Poster design for Arab Film Festival Australia, 2011.

Arab Film Festival Australia 2010

Poster design for Arab Film Festival Australia, 2010.

Arab Film Festival Australia 2009

Poster design for Arab Film Festival, 2009

Comic poster

Sequential Art Conference

A page from my autobiographical comic became a poster for a comics conference. Yes! Yes! I can recycle artwork!

Spanish Film Festival poster

Spanish Film Festival

Prize-winning entry for the Spanish Film Festival poster competition. I spent my prize money on an antique marble-topped table.

Student film festival

Lo-fi poster in the best grungy blown-up photocopy tradition. The girl with the film camera is the festival mascot that carries through from year to year.

10 x 6 poster

10 x 6

Arty poster for a series of six 10-minute plays. What says late night wakefulness more than lurid scenes of fluro-lit Chinatown restaurants that stay open until 2am?

Latin Soul poster

Latin Soul

A poster for which I channeled someone with a sense of rhythm and a cocktail shaker.

Glenworth Valley 1999 festival poster

Glenworth Valley 1999

This poster was printed in a series of four background colours: olive green, hot pink and bright blue. Shazaam orange was the main one though.

Glenworth Valley 1998 poster

Glenworth Valley 1998

It's all about feral kids, combi vans and camping. Dogs aren't actually allowed at the festival though, sorry.